Welcome to Oromia Regional Health Bureau

Oromia is the largest and the most populous region in the nation. Oromia Regional Health Bureau is one of the major sector bureaus in the region responsible for providing comprehensive package of preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health services to the community at large through decentralized and democratized health system in collaboration with all stakeholders.To provide quality, equitable service and improve the health outcome of the community, the regional health bureau has been highly excelling on the health policy which is focusing on the disease prevention and health promotion. To realize this and increase the community benefits to high level; the health extension program packages which are community centred programs contributed to the achievement of MDG gaols of core programs. Similarly, the Regional Health Bureau has been implementing different health care quality reforms with ministry of health and supporting partners in all the health institutions found in the region for the achievement of the second health sector transformational plan and sustainable development goals(SDG). Furthermore, by the efforts and commitments of government health service access coverage has been improved. Currently, there are about 85 functional public hospitals, 1400 health centers, and 7090 health posts. Moreover, there are 23 other hospitals (5 University hospitals,4 other governmental organizations -OGO, 4 Non-governmental Organizations-NGO and 12 Private), and 5 NGO health centers and 3149 different types of private clinics, 45 pharmacies, 371 drug stores and 550 rural drug vendors functioning in the region. Thus, the region has a total of 108 hospitals and 1405 health centers where the potential health service coverage of the region in terms of health centers and Health posts were 93% and 94% for the year 2011 EFY respectively. With regard to human resource, there are more than 70,098 health work force density (49,220 health professionals and 20,878 supportive staffs) in sector as of 2011 EFY.