Health Infrastructure Development

Shortage of health facilities has been one of the major health system factors limiting the utilization of health services in ONRS. Oromia RHB has been working in close collaboration with lower level government structures, the Federal Ministry of Health, and development partners in the region to increase the number of health facilities. A substantial increase in potential health service coverage has been achieved during the periods of HSDP-III and HSDP-IV. The national target for coverage of primary healthcare in Ethiopia is one health center and five health posts for every 25,000 population. As of June 2015, there are 6,519 Health Posts and 1,320 Health Centers actively providing primary healthcare services to the community. This makes the potential health coverage 98% for health post services and 96% for health center cervices.

The fastest move in achieving the national target for health post construction was achieved in 2002. The continued construction of new health posts since then has allowed maintaining the health post to population ratio of 1:5,000 despite population growth. Similarly, the number of public health centers and hospitals in the region has increased steadily improving accessibility of comprehensive promotive, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative health services.

Yearly progress in H/P construction , ORHB

Yearly progress in Hospital construction, ORHB

Yearly progress in H/C and H/P construction