Environmental Health

Considering the huge backlog of poor sanitation, Oromia has been at the forefront of environmental sanitation and hygiene action over the past years. Accordingly, being the main component of Health Extension Package, several measures like Health education on personal hygiene and Open defecation free areas , construction and utilization of latrine ..etc has been to improves environmental sanitation and hygiene mainly at community level.

Latrine coverage was beyond the current one if those which were constructed and started to serve in the last several years, however, due different factors like soil nature, quality and standards of the constructed latrines .. etc a number of them had been destroyed and run out of service. As the result the Regional Health Bureau has set a standard and quality of the latrine to be constructed at each household level about a year ago. Currently the Regional latrine coverage with the standard latrine reached about …%. These issues are receiving increasing attention and planned to address the rest over within the coming fiscal year.