Child Health Services

Children are tomorrows’ hope of a country and development at large. Oromia National Regional State gives due attention to scale up and provide child health services at all levels of the health system including hospitals, health centers, health posts, and the community. The combined efforts of health development army, health extension workers and health professionals at facility levels have brought remarkable achievements in major child health services contributing to the achievement of MDG 4 in Ethiopia. Expanded program for immunization (EPI) is one of the priority child health interventions targeting the prevention of vaccine preventable diseases in the region. Accordingly, in 2007EFY, the coverage of vaccination among children has reached more than recommended levels throughout the region. All zones in the region have achieved coverage levels of more than 85% for pentavalent vaccine. Coverage of measles vaccination and the proportion of fully immunized children under the age of one year also reached 97% and 91%, respectively.

Penta3 Immunization coverage per zone, 2007EFY (%)

Penta3 Immunization coverage per town, 2007EFY