Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management & Pharmacy Services

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management and Pharmacy Services activity is a cross cutting issues and the backbone of health system in any health program in which it has always been an integral part of health care system and will remain so in the future. This relies on the availability of safe, effective and affordable medicines with the required quality, in reasonable amount, rational prescribing, rational dispensing and rational use of such medicines at the end-user level.

In collaboration with developmental partners Regional Pharmaceutical department has recorded achievement in pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management and Pharmacy Services. Some of the major focus areas have been required interventions include strengthening Pharmaceutical Technical Working Group (PTWG), Strengthening Integrated Pharmaceutical Logistics System (IPLS), Capacity building on Supply Chain Management assessment and training on SCM & PCM M and E, initiation of revolving drug fund, implementation of Auditable Pharmaceutical Transaction & Services (APTS), follow-up of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management Monitoring & Evaluation (PSCM M&E) implementation, regular conducting of supportive supervision and regional and sub-regional pharmaceutical review meetings, fulfilling of medical equipment for new hospitals & replacement of damaged medical equipment for other functional hospitals too.

The Regional Pharmaceutical unit was promoted to Core process level integrated with related sub-processes like Bio-medical, lab, & health insurance