Human Resource Development and Management Process

To implement government policies and strategies availing human resources that can use appropriate and modern technology was key issue. In health sector the change in disease pattern enforced to use appropriate and modern technologies and development of HR that can use the technology is a major concern to respond to community demands properly. Regional Health Bureau HRDM process worked to alleviate the critical shortage of Health Work forces, since the government of Ethiopia trained many health cadrates in the last few years, in addition the regional government allocated budget and trained many General Practioners and middle level Health professionals in different Universities across the country and opened Adama Medical and Health Science College to train specialists and many scare professionals within the region to improve access to the community. Accordingly in the last few years there were high progresses in training and deployment of Health Work forces to Health facilities across the region, even though there are still gaps to fill all the available positions.

Trends of Health professionals deployment in 2009/10 and 2014/15

Different motivation and retention strategies were designed and implemented to make the Health Work Forces productive and retain them on their work position for long time, these strategies includes financial and non-financial motivational strategies. The non-financial strategies includes provision of educational opportunities based on performance and conducting staff transfer twice per year, and the financial motivational strategies include revision of improved salary scheme for higher Health professionals at federal level, revision of duty payments, professional hazard, house allowance for Physicians and positional allowances for health cadrates working at responsibility position, in doing so the attrition of HWFs was decreased in the last two years.

HR structure at all level was revised based on demand to strengthen the management and governance system of the sector.

One of the newly restructured department /process was HR process at all level: RHB, ZHD and WorHO level to staff the positions with senior level professionals having adequate knowledge and skill to strength the management and governance system of Health institutions and make employees more productive through designing and implementing different employee motivation strategies.