HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control

HIV/AIDS has posed one of the greatest disease-related challenges to the social and economic development of Ethiopia during the last two decades. Oromia RHB has been implementing a number of HIV prevention, care, treatment, and support interventions to tackle the problem. One of the major intervention areas against HIV/AIDS has been HIV Testing and Counselling (HCT). During the 2007EFY, a total of more than 3.5 milion people have been tested for HIV allowing initiation of behavioral change for HIV negative individuals and care, treatment and support to those who are HIV positive. This indicates the tremendous efforts of all sectors in the region in the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS.

Among the total 3511854 people tested for HIV through different modalities of HCT, 15011 (0.43%) were HIV positive. Figures show HIV positivity for zones and towns in the region. People tested positive for HIV have been linked to different care, treatment, and support services in order to improve their quality of life and productivity. HIV positivity among HCT clients varied from 0.1% in East Wollega to 1.1% in Guji zones. As expected, a higher rate of HIV positivity was observed among towns, ranging from 1.41% in Shashemene to 2.85% in Sululta town.